Fresh Start

Hey guys, I’ve been taking new risks and pushing myself into new adventures and I think I’m getting pretty good at the things that I like.

Acting school and dance lessons have been my path for the past 12 months and it really is a huge blessing to be able to be doing what I love. Life is pretty, my family is good and work is flowing so I feel like I’m in the right path to success.

As you the ones who know me understand I love fashion so I’ve decided to get back to this site and give it the time it needs, post more often and create cool visuals, that way you guys can be insiders on the things I do and get the first view to my #DGFashionLife

The other day I was going trough my 40000 pictures that I have in my camera roll, I know, crazy as it sounds, I like to keep track of my life and progress in my fashion, my style and my artistry trough images and as an old friend told me, the only picture that is bad is the one you didn’t take. So, anyway I looked back to two years ago, when I had just moved to The Big City and I saw myself as an innocent young guy, with shine in his eyes and a whole world to discover and it really made me feel like that desire is still in me and that no matter how settled things are I’m not the one to be just comfortable, I got to be GREAT, I am now outside the box, I love and understand myself and I still want and need my inner kid.

That being said I invite you to share this adventure with me and my world!

I’m excited to be with my family here for the first time during the 4th of July and then it’s Fashion Week season, look out because here we go.




Prince David